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classmate同学 easygoing energetic 随和的,充满活力的 laughing playing talking 聊天 大笑 玩耍 friend and partner too我的朋友和伙伴 mine

family 家 familiar,strange 昔日的回忆,异地的思念 firing,boiling,melting 燃烧的,沸腾着,溶化了 filled with unselfish love 满载无私的爱 forever 直到永远

cinquain五行诗 it is easy to write, and like the cinquain, can give a clear picture andcreate a special feeling using the minimum of words. 它书写简便,而且跟五行诗相似,用最少的词语就可以描述一个鲜明的画面和创造特殊的情感. 英语五行诗

theme park big, fun playing, laughing, running adventures, forgetting problems, enjoying yourself, have fun happy

Forget about the days when it's been cloudy. But don't forget your hours in the sun. Forget about the times you have been defeated. But don't forget the victories you have won. Forget about the misfortunes you have encountered. But don't forget the

My Friend My friend is charming, she likes smiling,I like her best,Friends(不知道是不是这样写.^_^)

英语五行诗如下:To see a world in a grain of sand 一粒沙里阅世界 And a heaven in a wild flower 一朵花中觅天堂 Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 无穷尽在掌心中 And eternity in an hour 永恒不过一刻钟 扩展资料:英语写诗技巧:1、写一句

Witch Weird, wicked Dancing, singing, cursing Good and evil too Mysterious Spring Beautiful, colorful Working, laughing, exciting Seeds sprout, flowers bloom Wonderful Baby Lovely, lively Smiling, sniveling, scrambling Naughty and nave too Pure

Winter 冬天 Frigidity,Happy 寒冷,快乐 Uninteresting,Freshing,Snowing 干燥,清新,雪亮 Week in,week out 周而复始 Endless 永无止境

These Things Shall Never Die <这些美好不会消逝> 查尔斯狄更斯 ----Charles Dickens The pure,the bright,the beautiful, That stirred our hearts in youth, The impulses to wordless prayer, The dreams of love and truth; The longing after something's

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