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healthy 读音:英 [helθi] 美 [hlθi] 释义:adj.健康的;健全的;大量的;有益于健康的 例句:Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be healthy and happy 我们中大多数人需要过更为平衡的生活,以保持健康和快乐.词汇搭配:1、

1、Health is better than wealth健康胜于财富.2、Health is happiness健康就是幸福.3、Wealth is nothing without health失去健康,空有财产.4、Health is better than wealth健康胜于财富.5、A good healthy body is worth more a crown in gold健

健康的英语怎么说呢?healthFrom labor health; from health contentment springs劳动使人健康,健康使人满足The premature baby is doing wellNot ailing,infirm,or diseased;healthy.

健康的英语单词是health,health读作英 [helθ] 美 [hlθ] n.卫生;保健;健康;昌盛,兴旺 health用法:1、keep healthy = stay in healthy = keep in good health 保持健康2、rude health 非常健康;十分健壮 3、drink sb's health 为某人的健康干杯 例句

healthy 形容词,(健康的 ) health 名词 健康

About health Everyone want to be healthy, because it is by health to longevity.Source of life in motion. The simplest is running, riding a bike. Whether rich or poor, can do two kinds of movement, can easily do the two movement, but not excessive

开篇点题:解释什么是“健康的生活”→ In my mind,a healthy life includes physical and mental health. People need to have a healthy diet and regular exercise to make our physical body healthier and healthier.展开表述:描写什么样的生活是“健康

健康 [jiàn kāng] [英语] health; healthy; wholesome; physique; exuberance;

healthy fit

健康healthy英:[helθi]美:[helθi]词典:healthhealthyphysiquesound例句:我们中大多数人需要过更为平衡的生活,以保持健康和快乐.Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be healthy and happy

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