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my father puts more value on honest than anything others. This is the girl's first time on a plane ,so she feels very excited. His cell phone was completely different in shape and size. In the speech, he should stand straight, and look up, so his audience can hear your talking very clearly.

1.It's essential to prepare well forward. 2.He has released a series successful discs since he became a singer. 3.The students will lose interest if your lessons are not vivid enough. 4.All in all,stance and gesture play a very important role in speech.

每个人的心中有一个英雄,也许一个人拯救人民,也许一个动物的人有良好的精神. 到目前为止,我不能忘记一个人帮助很多人. 他的名字是雷锋我认为他是一个好人,我不明白为什么他很友善,但我确实知道,他是个英雄,在我的心我当时往上一看him.and我会做任何事情,我能做什么,我想成为第二个雷锋.

1. let me take care of you if you cannot take care of yourself, be a good girl, ok?2. My life is so long, it ain't a big thing waiting for you for several years. 3. Don't do it again,ok? Come on, be a good girl!

1. The students find new history teacher is nice and affable 2. We care about most is whether this method can improve efficiency (please) care, 3. Now it is so excited, he found it difficult to express their feelings in words convey) ( 4. He is strong, can easily move the big stone (ease).

It is situated on the estuary of river Derwent, and we look down the estuary from our offices to the expanse of the Southern Ocean which extends, uninterrupted by land, to Antarctica. 它位于德文特河东边的入海口,当我们从我们的办公室往下看入海口时,它广阔的一直延伸到南大洋,连续的平原一直到南极洲.

Chinese New Year is coming, and wish you a happy New Year! Today is New Year's eve, I watch the fireworks in the home, Spring Festival gala, eat meal. On New Year's eve, every household light from the outside look so beautiful. Good like. In the New Year, I like family happiness, health! Wish you like!

. Is generally believed that the criteria of this issue there are three: the results of the transactions in line with the definition of accounting elements; the results of the transactions up to a certain degree of uncertainty - is generally believed that economic

1. They first visited Blue Water Aquarium and watched the dolphin show. 2. Smith holds the world fishing record. 3. She became an ice skating champion at the age of ten.4. This seat isn't as comfortable as that one. 5. In terms of move theaters, what

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