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A pErson inspirED mE翻译

A person inspired me英语作文?A person inspired me since he finished I can't

英语作文~the people inspired me``120字左右写作思路及要点:以the people inspired me为题,围绕这一主题展开详细描写,接着表达自己的想法以及观点


该篇完型有些难,急求各位老师帮帮忙翻译解释,谢谢!He 46 me that I was failing not because I was a failure. He inspired me to become a better

急求!!一小段英文在线等翻译!!1, in my memory, she is beautiful, gentle, always with a smile on the face, let a person have to love her. In

人工翻译,中译英,高分悬赏!I am growing up experience, I believe that this experience will affect my life and inspired me to be a better person.

求好心人帮忙翻译成成英语 人工翻译 急 谢谢This will lay the foundation for my dream.I am going to study hard to let my dream come true.My dream inspired me

紧急求助,有谁能帮我翻译一下这篇文章?序文/绪言/前言 (任选一种都可以)跆拳道诞生纪念日那天,我的激动感受无法用语言形容。那一刻,我心里还产生了疑问和忧虑。在我

请把这段文字翻译英语。高分恳求bring along the person around with my ability, stretch out hands to care about those persons needing to help .才疏学浅

谁能翻译一下then helped back in,inspired me to help others. The early lessons I learned about overcomingobstacles also gave me the con

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