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The People Who Inspired Me Many people out there inspired me,so I became me to be.My dad was the first inspirer,and my mum was the second to be.I have no sisters or a brother,so my inspirers have to be the other.My friends, when they are

The writer is a sucker 重复10遍 不谢

向世界,我是一个人, 对我来说,你是整个世界 估计 也许 大概 差不多是这意思

A person sit No sandness ,no joy A person static made No love me,no I love Dear mom and dad I'm sorry ,I really tiredThank you for my life,let me come to the world Gentle,helpless,straggling,indulge The rest of the time just indifference


是《大学英语》的吗?A Person I'll Never Forget 中文翻译文: 我终生难忘的人 在我们的人生历程中,有很多经历,其中有好有坏. 有时人生经历是别人的行为引起的,有时是我们自己的行为所致的. 有时发生的事使我们终生难忘. 作为生活

Can I meet a man can give life only his woman I fear a person to bear all the pressure I hope to have a shoulder belongs to me Each day passes me how to operate Fed up with a man waiting for that let me go to pursue my happiness A child wants a can rely on him

A person decides to be selfish:一个人决定很自私 Contradictions! i don't think so, didn't really want to! what to do:太矛盾了!我不这样认为,实在不想这样认为!(后面不完整)

The road in the future,only belongs to one person I don't need anyone to go with me even if we meet again I'll just pass

lie to me 的意思就是“对我说谎”. 不好意思,没看清楚.This drama is based on true story.The drama is inspired by behavior experts, Dr. Paul Ekman's real research , he was able to find deep in the human face, body and voice of the clues, and

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