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BE Busy加什么介词

你好,be busy后可以接at或with,祝学习愉快

英文“be busy ____ doing”中用介词in,通常省略.

be busy 后面加动词的ing形式,即doing形式

Be busy 后面跟动词的ing形式!或be busy with后面跟人或物!

be busy加doing something:I am busy playing computer games.或者和with 再加名词连用:I am busy with my games.need有两种理情态动词时后跟动词原形I need go to school.“need”作为实义动词时,通常用法是: 人+need +to do I need go t


两者无甚区别.并且be busy at这种用法现在已经不多见了.

be busy 忙碌的 be busy doing sth=be busy with sth 忙于做某事

be busy doing sth, 什么都不用加了!

Be busy 就是指某人很忙 If you allow others to have their way, you're likely to be busy all day today. 如果你允许别人有他们自己的方式,你今天很可能会忙上一整天. Be busy+ doing sth 忙着做sth You family must be busy shopping for Christmas now. 现在你的家人正忙于购置圣诞物品吧!

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