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He finally managed to squeeze out of the crowd. Take hold of the rope and climb up the hill. You should take measures on it immediately or accidents might happen. Does doing exercise everyday make a diffferent to your health? 恷朔匯倖辛嬬危阻杏

furnishings,belongings僚強葎鹸方,咀葎麿断云附頁鹸方兆簡,furnishings嗤譜仏,譜姥,社醤,片坪蛎譜議吭房 遇furniture匯違祥頁社醤議吭房 belongings 夏恢,侭嗤麗 plastics頁^屁侘翌親;翌親俐温宝 ̄吭房扮,僚強葎葎汽方 plastics葎^本創 ̄議吭房扮,僚強葎鹸方 Plastics don't rust like metal. 本什音饅霾椎劔氏伏倨.

you should work hard.you shouldn't have a rest.o(”_”)o 範揖萩寡追,音峡写偬諒. 廝僥楼序化! 仍仍!

1. (1) my brother has been in the army for two years. (2) my brother has been in the army since 2008. (3) my brother has been in the army since two years ago. (4) it's two years since my brother jioned the army. --- jion 頁嶮峭來強簡,音嬬嚥决偬

beiongs哘乎頁belongs1.When you find a diamond that belongs to nobody, it is yours.泌惚低窟崛牧賛澱屍儘繁議怺墳,椎担宸薪怺墳祥頁奉噐低議.2.Everything belongs to the fatherland when the fatherland is in danger.輝怕忽裡識扮,耽倖叫廉脅奉噐怕忽

I can't stand my mom literally see my things

escape [酒苧哂査簡灸]n.毛, 毛蘭, 吝竃譜姥, 竃笥, 毛怒, [峅]勸伏vi.毛用, 閲蝕, 聡恠vt.毛閲, 閲窒, 瓜梨渠engineer [酒苧哂査簡灸]n.垢殻弗, 室弗, 諮概望字, 態字埀, 垢汚dolphin [酒苧哂査簡灸]n.今諤dish [酒苧哂査簡灸]n.徒,

A private car gives a much greater degree of comfort and mobility.1. I have to settle my affairs before leaving here. 宣蝕宸隅參念,厘誼委匯乂暴繁議並秤芦電要輝.2. The young princes attended a private showing of the new Disney film. 定煤議藍徨断竃朗阻匯何杵帽鶴仟頭議暴繁廨魁慧啌氏.3. I put a few personal belongings in a bag. 厘委叱周暴繁麗瞳廾序淫嶄.

(1)麿断巷望伏恢議恢瞳麗胆勺閃,侮鞭継宀楳弛(喘bothand)The products of their company are both cheap adn good, and they are popular with the customers(2)麿勣厘勣担廨伉垢恬勣担勝壼看岼(喘eitheror)He wants me either to work

As was often the case旺音頁並周撞窟議吭房as哈擬議頁協囂貫鞘 峺旗朔中屁鞘三 軸that we had to pack our belongings into boxes and leave out those we had grown to love was often the case.侭參鍬咎葎:厘断音誼音嬉淫宣蝕育昧厘断伏海旺犯握議繁断,宸頁械嗤議並械喘珊嗤:as is known to all 巉侭巓岑as is shown above 屎泌貧中塋承陳廃

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