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care about, care for和care to的区别: 1.care about和care for在表示“关心,担心,”等意思的时候,用法是一样的,基本可以通用. 如,Don't care about/for me.别担心我.You needn't care for/about his safety.你不必为他的安全担心. 2. 在表

care for sb:1喜欢钟爱2照顾照看 care for STh:保护维护.carefor sb/sth:(常用于否定或疑问句中)喜欢想要

英语里大部分的词都是多义多词性的 比如这里的care 可以做名词可以做动词.意思有照料比如 take care of,有小心,注意 比如 take care! 还有在乎的意思,比如说 I don't care!我不在乎. Care for这个词组的意思大多数的情况下是表达意愿和喜好的比如说 Care for some tea?想要来点茶么? 偶尔会有在乎,计较的意思.比如说:He Cares for nothing.他什么也不在乎.

care单独来说,可以是动词照顾,也可以是名词看护,care for主要是是在乎的意思,后面要跟人(someone)或是东西(something) i care 是我在乎的意思,例:你在乎嘛?do you care?我在乎.i care【但很少这么说,一般会说:yes, i do.】/又例:我不在乎.i don't care.

care for1.like;be fond of 喜爱 She doesn't care for that colour.她不喜欢那种颜色.She did not care for him.她不喜欢他.2.take care of;look after 照顾 As an orphan,he is cared for by the local authorities.他是个孤儿,受到当地政府的照顾.He spent

没有is care for, 但有care for, 它的意思是:1. 喜欢; 宠爱2. 牵挂, 注重3. 愿意要…4. 照料, 服侍5. 尊重6. 计较 i don't much care for that sort of man.我不太喜欢那种人.

care for 动词词组 The sick child was well cared for night and day.那个生病的孩子日夜受到很好的看护.It seemed to be her mission to care for her brother's children.照顾她兄弟的孩子似乎成了她一生的使命.I'm fond of her but I don't care for her husband.我喜欢她,但不喜欢她丈夫.He likes pop; he doesn't care for classic music.他喜欢流行歌曲,不喜欢古典音乐.


care for :/ke f/ 中文释义1、照顾,照料 例:As an orphan,he is cared for by the local authorities.他是个孤儿,受到当地政府的照顾.He spent years caring for his sick mother.他数年中一直在照顾生病的母亲.2、(一般用于否定句和疑问句)喜

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