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ComE into Exist

第一个是出现,强调出现的动作!come into being第二个是存在,强调存在的状态! exist希望对你有帮助!

come into exist officially对吗?解析:into是介词,后面跟名词性质的词,所以应该改成:come into existence officiallycome into existence officially

优择雅思为您解答: come into existence的中文翻译是:成立;开始存在;存在;产生

come into existence 产生;出现;开始存在, 成立无被动,这里come 是不及物动词,不能用被动态.

come into existencev.开始存在, 成立existence[i^5zistEns]n.存在生活, 生存实体, 存在物, 生物发生doubt about the existence of God怀疑上帝的存在a miserable existence痛苦的一生a struggle for existence生存竞争bear a charmed existence

bring/come/put into practice 使开始生效在这个短语中是不能用复数的come into 投入,开始

come about 和come into being的区别:读音不同、意思不同、用法不同 一、读音不同 come about读音:英 [km bat] 美 [km bat] come into being读音:英 [km nt bi] 美 [km nt bi] 二、意思不同

come into being 汉译:un. 1.同意;2.建立;诞生 ; v. 1.开始存在 英译:to start to exist 例句:1.Magazines come into being to voice the new sentiments in the air.鼓吹新风尚的刊物纷纷问世.2.come into being or existence, or appear on the

come into being v.形成, 产生 例句 come into being; become reality.形成产生;成为现实.To come into being; arise.出现;形成 To come into being; start.出现出现;开始 When did the world come into being?世界是什么时候形成的?To come

可以说: A plan came to him.or An idea came to him.

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