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john 英 [dn] 美 [d:n] ,中文音:将~嗯.John:n. 抽水马桶;厕所.常常用作人名.英英释义:noun1、a room or building equipped with one or more toilets2、a prostitute's customer 扩展资料:例句:1、Hello, this is John Thompson.喂,

salesperson 英[selzp:sn] 美[selzpsn] n. 售货员 名词复数:salespeople, salespersons [例句]Ask the salesperson to help you with this. 让售货员帮你解决这个问题. 2.Find a knowledgeable salesperson in the store and enlist his/ her

customer 英音:['kstm]美音:['kstm] n.顾客,消费者,客户

I hope you can help me to learn English grammar, practice oral English and improve English writing skill. Also, to understand some foreign culture and custome.

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Which引导的定语从句在语法和语用功能有利于区别于that引导的定语从句的鲜明特色. 一、语法要点. ①有宽阔的指代范围.不仅可措代主句中某一先行词___名词(A)

customer英 [kstm(r)] 美 [kstm] n.顾客,客户;主顾;家伙 (1)顾客;主顾;客户 Our customers have very tight budgets. 我们的顾客很会精打细算. .a

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