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go shopping英语作文

Shopping is one of the most popular avtivities,and most women like to go shopping. When you are shopping , you will have time to enjoy everything . And you will find the happiness of shopping . you can buy the thing you like but not the thing that you only imagine . Go shopping and you will find the happiness of it.

today is sunny. i go shopping with my friends. we went to shopping mall. we go to see many t-shirt. they are colorful and beautiful. after that wewent to have lunch. at last we buy a black t-shirt,a bag and socks. today,weare happy! 今天是阳光明媚的


GO shoppingThe sun was shining,the birds were flying yesterday. My mother and I went shopping in this fine day. We went to Nanjing Road. A great number of people had gathered in the street,in many shops and in some large shopping centers.

i like shopping.i go to shopping about twice a week.i go to shopping all buy a lot of food every time.there are a piece of candy 、a carton of ice cream、a bag of chips、chocolate、chicken and cookies.maybe it isn't for my healthy,but i like it

today is sunny.i go shopping with my friends.we went to shopping mall. we go to see many t-shirt.they are colorful and beautiful.after that we went to have lunch.at last we buy a black t-shirt,a bag and socks.today,we are happy!

Today is sunday,I'm going shopping with my mom.I want to buy some fruit and snake.And my mom said she will buy me a T-shirt.I'm very happy to have a new clothes. We have a good time.今天是星期天,我和妈2113妈去购5261物.我想买一些水果和小吃,妈妈说她讲给4102我买一件新的短袖1653汗衫,我很高兴可以有新内衣服.我们购物愉快容.希望采纳为最佳

our family is going to go shopping next week.we are going to a big shop.we will go there by bus.my mother is going to buy a box of chocolates and a loaf of bread.my father is going to buy a box of tissues and a tube of toothpaste.my grandmother is

Today is rainy. I go to my school.My teacher get us a little homework .They also sspeak many words to us .My friends Molly ,Shelly and I go to a stationery store just across from my shcool when my school is over .There are a lot of stationeries,for

I want to go shopping this Sunday.I want to buy some food,such as apples,bananas,rice,a pie and some turkey.I also have to buy a pair of shoes,sungalsses,a map,some clothes and a tent.Because I would like to have a trip.I think the trip would be very nice.作文还是要自己写比较好,多多锻炼一下英语写作能力.祝你学习进步!原创的,望采纳.

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