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how to DEAl with

How to deal with是等于What to do with

1.做处理讲,如果是陈述句的话do with不能直接用而应该变成do sth with sth的形式,而deal with的形式就可以直接是deal with something.之所以疑问句要用what to do with就

应该是how to deal with,如果要用what做疑问词的话,就应该是what to do with.

主要是意思不同: how to deal with it 这是对方式状语提问的,用什么方法去处理 what to do with it 这是对内容提问的, 对它,如何处理指要做些什么.

do是及物动词,而deal是不及物动词,所以do with 和what搭配,deal with和how搭配!

how to deal with 宾语而在 what to deal with 句式里,what 就是 deal with 的宾语,所以你不能再加一个宾语了

第一句意思是在你闯进我的生活前我是如此地想念你.(感觉逻辑有点不通)是过去式.英语中被动句是be+done,不一定是+ed,不规则动词变化需要记忆.how to deal with这句句子本身就是错误的.应该为how to deal with it/what to do with.意思翻译正确

can you tell me how to deal with this pen can you tell me what to do with this

不太对 what 后面 不需要有宾语了,因为直接用what 代替了 how 后面必须跟上宾语 只能说what to deal with或者what to do how to deal with it或者 how to do with it 要加上宾语的

How to deal with it and I don't know我不知道的怎么处理这件事

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