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Isn't it enough, isn't it enough just to feel wild and free? 如果仅仅为了狂热与无拘无束的感觉,难道这样还不够吗?Caught up in the rough, caught up in the rough of life, lookin' at me 沉迷于混乱的生活中的人,你看着我You think you're in love, boy

您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:lover boy 翻译: 泡富家女私奔 ;小白脸 ;男朋友 ;美男子 Lover boy there is barking up another tree. Oh, wait, that's your boyfriend.那个花心大少又在泡另一个女人了,

Loverboy A lover, a loverboy]Maybe its the glitter on her breastOr the gloss on her lips?Hickeys on the chestOr the toss of the hips?I'm lost in the mixSo I floss in the (sea) Turning out the hitsSo I'm exhausted as shitNow baby it's the mo' paper, dough


见谁爱谁的男生 或 跟谁都谈情说爱的男生 或 大众情人 或 花花公子

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 优质古典情人I can dim the lights我可以让灯光暗淡And sing you songs full of sad things给你唱那些忧伤情歌We can do the tango just for two我们可以跳两人探戈I can serenade and gently play我可以为你唱小夜曲

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 老土的模范情人 I can dim the lights And sing you songs full of sad things We can do the tango just for two I can serenade and gently play On your heart strings Be your Valentino just for you Ooh love Ooh lover boy

睁开发热的双眼醒来 与你的味道相遇 Dream on till night, be sailin' on your life tonight, want your blood 深深得咬合 现在已经被你捕获 互相拥抱着相逢吧 I'm a lover boy 孤独是假的 就让他这样流淌 Wonder tonight, be getting your jaded heart

都可以的吧 Lover 是情人的意思,lover boy表示他很多情人,也就是花花公子

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