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一看就知道是骗人的..翻译成中文,典型的诈骗 ., 都不知道遇到好几回了.不要去相信!真正的中奖哪有那么简单,,,,,

获得奖励 receive the reward obtain the reward receive rewards obtain rewards get the reward get rewards你的采纳是我们继续答题的动力O(∩_∩)O~

receive 是对的,意思是收到,接待reciever的意思是接收者,接收器

repay: 偿还 分量重;reward: 奖励 分量重;记住这个就够用了.

On January first,a fund-raising event called "walk for poor" will be held at the front gate of our school (假如是大学就用 campus).The walk will take place between our

without constant effort,we cannot receive the reward,同时又不,有这个意思吗?she attended the meeting without fully preparation,译为在没有什么的状态下,有不懂得可以追问

recive,accept,take这三个词都有“接受”的意思.receive只表示被动地接受 Then he smiled and told me I would receive an extra £100 a year!后来他笑了,并且告诉我说,我将一年收到一百英镑的额外收入!If you receive a request like this,you

International English game, I am honored to receive the first prize Competition will reward the t

(VERB) 奖励 reward, award, encourage and reward 报偿 reward, recompense, compensate, remunerate, repay 报仇 revenge, avenge, remunerate, reward 酬 reward, compensate, entertain, friendly exchange, fulfil, fulfill 酬报 reward, recompense,

The 1st “Chinese Bridge”,which is chinese match of worldwide college students,was heldin 2002.Until now,the match has been hosted nine times successfully.Some 10 thousand students around world participated in "Chinese Bridge".The

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