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rice 因为动词是IS

There is some noodles in the bowl.There be句型,谓语动词根据就近一致原则,some orange juice 不可数,而且距离There be最近所以位于动词用单数

很高兴为你解答My favorite food is noddles.Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese cuisine. There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner

the noodle house is a good one. there are three kinds of noddles in the noodle house. they are large bowls, medium bowls and small bowls. the noodles are delicious. there are beef, vegetables, eggs in the noodles. they are not expensive. there are

1 正确,desk and chair 联用,表示一个东西2 正确,noddles要使用复数3 正确,一双袜子4 语法上正确,但是逻辑上不对.coat应该用复数,泛指大衣.以上解释可能在初中英语层面可能不会得到赞同,但是在正规的书面英文中,主谓一致指:主语和谓语动词一致,与宾语无关.所以谓语动词为单数形式,宾语可以为复数.

i had noodle for dinner last staruday.

There (is) some milk .milk为不可数名词,只能用is,不可能用are

what do you want to have?beef noddles? there are a bank and three restaurant near our school marry is kind of cute,but she's very shy. 求采纳.thanks.

选is.因为milk 是不可数名词加上there be 句型遵循就近原则,there后面如果是可数名词复数就用are,其它则用is 例如There is a watch and some apples on the desk.

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