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writE Down造句

1. I want to write down what you just said. 我想把你方才所说的写下来. 2. Please write down your names here. 请把你的名字写在这里. 3. Write down each incident including date, time and place. 记下每一次事件,包括日期、时间和地点.

1、Keep track of your efforts and write down how you feel . 翻译:记录下你的努力并写下你的感受.2、Write down some notes on the new things that you learned in the unit. 翻译:记下你在本单元学到的新东西.3、Let me write it down while it's

Please write it down as soon as you can.

write down 写下;减低帐面价值;把…描写成 Write down when you want to achieve it. 当你想达到某个目标时就写下来.

Write down these sentences,please!

You can write down the address.

I want to write down this knowledge point but i forget my pen at home 我想写下这些知识点但是我把我的笔忘在家里了

You'd better write down it.

Write down everything that you can think of. 把你所能想到的所有事情都写下来. Write down your name on each page of the paper. 在试卷的每一页都写上你的名字.

I write down my wish(es).我写下我的愿望.

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